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Maurice Jones Jr. is the co-founder of Very Juicy Entertainment. Maurice has achieved a lifetime of professional experience as a music producer, filmmaker, recording engineer, musician, educator, performer, graphic artist, production facility designer and entrepreneur.  He has worked along side of notable talent including the Neville Brothers, Peter Gabriel, Live and the SongCatchers.


Maurice is notably an incredible talent developer, including but not limited to young talent.  His last several years serving as a mentor, producer, engineer and overall sounding board to his son’s critically acclaimed teen alt rock band Gypsy Temple are now showing promise of great return on investment of time, money and dedication to the build of a highly musical group of teenagers who are also incredible role models for their peers.


Maurice has an  large and versatile range of tangible production skills. Maurice’s production skills working with young talent has launched many commercially reknowned Seattle, New York and Toronto musical artists.  Maurice is a multi instrumentalist who for many many years has been one of the top and most versatile bassist in the Pacific North West. Maurice’s ear runs the spectrum from metal to rock, to punk, to grunge, to alt rock to Americana & country, to world music, Native American music and percussion, and classical music from soloist to full symphony orchestra.  Maurice is well versed in all that is required re audio and audio post needs for film, television and advertising.  He is a talented video producer and editor as well as graphic designer. 


As an educator, Maurice has enjoyed years of experience developing multi-media education and arts programs for youth, including creating a program for inner-city at-risk youth for Central Area Youth Association in Seattle Washington funded partially by the United Way. 


While Maurice’s’ career is diverse, his passion and involvement in music is immense. He comes from a family of talented musicians, including his brothers Charles E. Jones (jazz guitar)  and Sylvester Jones Sr. (drums).    


Maurice is also an accomplished songwriter and has written with Warner Chappell songwriters Dave Ellis and Grant Reeves as well as the woman who eventually became his wife Warner Chappell writer Lara Lavi. He has also written with George Merrill who has written 3 top ten hits for Whitney Houston and Juanita Wynn who has written for numerous R&B and gospel artists including Destiny’s Child, Usher and Beyoncé.


Maurice is known worldwide as a top tier music/film/video/new media production facility designer, acoustician and consultant with current projects in Seattle and Los Angeles working with a consortium of production houses for film, tv, music, multi media, and apps/tech.  As the Chief Creative Officer for Very Juicy Entertainment as part of the roll up of brother companies  Los Angeles Bishop Lyons Entertainment and Seattle based B47Studios under Dreaming In Color Entertainment ("DICE"). 


Maurice focuses on content, brand and artist development and provide DICE with audio gold wherever music or sound is needed in any Dreaming In Color Entertainment productions including Bishop Lyons Entertainment and B47 Studios.


Very Juicy Entertainment is a partnership with Maurice Jones Jr. and Lara Lavi and includes a state of the art audio production facility as well as video production and graphic design.  The company owns all of its master recordings and publishing for all music compositions and has a large music library available for synch licensing.  All content has been under Maurice’s management and production direction since Very Juicy Entertainment was founded many years ago.


Maurice Jones Jr.

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