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This blog is about the ongoing debate between advocates of Pro Tools v.  Logic.  As many may know, there is quite the debate about which is the best computer base Digital Audio Workstation for people in production and post production in the music and audio world.  Some people say Avid Pro Tools is by far the best and others argue that Apple Pro Logic is way better. Both Digital Audio Workstation software programs perform pretty much the same functions to digital record multi track recordings, compose music as well as edit music.  Both Pro Tools and Logic are widely used by professionals in the recording industry.  There are even other programs out there that some people like but Pro Tools and Logic are the two main Digital Audio Workstation programs.


As a user of both Pro Tools and Logic, I believe it becomes a matter of what tasks need to be accomplished and which program – Pro Tools or Logic provide the best workflow for that task.


Logic Pro is a cost effective pro consumer audio program.  Logic Pro is driven mainly by MIDI, sampling and sequencing.  Logic Pro comes with a wide variety of software for synthesizer and multiple plug in selections at your fingertips. Logic Pro is the perfect tool for songwriters, jingle producers, music production and composing.


Avid Pro Tools is a professional audio program. Pro Tools is most definitely the industry standard for recording, audio editing, mixing, postproduction, music production, interface with video and film editing and broadcast. The advantage of being the industry standard gives Pro Tools a clear advantage that your session will be compatible with almost any studio in the world as long as your session has been saved to the current version of Pro Tools the studio is running.

When recording, editing and mixing I use Pro Tools.  If I’m composing, I prefer using a combination of Pro Tools and Logic. It’s a winning combination.  So for me I think you should have both and be ready for anything.  If you are on a budget go for Logic.  If you have the ability to build out a studio that can be compatible with other pro studios Avid Pro Tools is my first choice.


The real debate should be made for who has the best music composing software. Cubase or Logic? But let’s save that for my next blog.

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