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Music is Not Code

This project is in development as a scripted documentary and online television series.  Very Juicy Entertainment and its parent company, Dreaming In Color are committed to producing a feature film documentary with a destination online television extension series related to the simple message – MUSIC IS NOT CODE, PEOPLE MAKE IT; PEOPLE LISTEN TO IT.  With this goal, VJE seeks to do its part to stop companies from devalueing music.  This issue is highly poltically charged and VJE intends to be at the forefront of the issue through this project.


To this end, we will produce a feature film documentary, which can also air on Palladia, Fuse, IFC, HBO and other cable networks.  The Sundance Film festival’s program director has already expressed strong interest in this project.  The underlying mission of this documentary and online programming is to inspire and raise concern that the music industry is in deep peril due to the de-valuation of music.  Consumers, especially young tech savvy consumers have come to see music as disposal digital code downloaded into one end of a smart phone and deleted out the other.  The segments in this film, expanded on in the online series, address the human element of music production, writing and performance in a comprehensive and compelling way as told through the eyes of working artists and producers, some new to the business and some true legends.  Target celebrities include Quincy Jones, The Foo Fighters, Drake, T-Bone Burnett and many more.   This project is in development and will include the opportunity for branded sponsorship within music industry brands. Companies like Fender, Guitar Center, Gibson and many others are thrilled to see this project come to fruition.




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