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With the advent of accessible digital distribution and marketing of independently created music, there are a host of opportunities for musical artists to follow their dreams musically and build their business as independent artists.  

There is a host of tools available to independent artists now more than ever to the point where artists need help 

sorting what they need to do.  Very Juicy Entertainment takes a comprehensive “soup to nuts” approach in working 

with artists.  Though the model is not the major label platinum model, the threshold for success is attainable with best practices and seasoned advisors, all part of the Very Juicy Artist Development offering.




From the artist with an “idea for a project” to the more experienced musical artist who has been in the game for a while, Very Juicy Entertainment provides all key elements to build a successful artist career. From repertoire development, to recording, arranging and scoring, to composition, mixing, photography, material sourcing, to bringing in great musicians to the making of key marketing materials including music videos and EPK materials to business advice, between the staff at Very Juicy Entertainment and the team’s affiliates in legal, online marketing, distribution (physical and digital), manufacturing, web development and connecting qualified artists with the right large label service companies such as Universal/Caroline and Warner/ADA.  We can help you source artist management, booking agents, graphic design, and virtually every element that goes into the making of a successful Independent Artist.  The team at Very Juicy Entertainment have been virtually every role in the music and entertainment industry in front of and behind the microphone and camera.


We at Very Juicy Entertainment believe everyone with real talent should have a chance.  We are here to 

facilitate that chance and provide the guidance from our own combined multiple decades in the entertainment industry.

Artist Development

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