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Little Dreamers


Little Dreamers Lullabies and Love Songs for All ages is a franchise multi-media project and a centerpiece of the priority projects for Very Juicy Entertainment and its parent company, Dreaming In Color.  The project has a variety of product components assuring it will be as evergreen and classic as any and all of the great children’s projects of all time such as Bed Bed Bed by They Might Be Giants, Good Night Moon and Philadelphia Chicken by Sandra Boyton.  Plans are in the works to produce and broadcast an animated educational series and work closely with Dreaming In Color to build the brand and merchandise line. The illustrations and music are already created and written.  All intellectual property elements of the project are 100% owned and controlled by Very Juicy Entertainment under Dreaming In Color Entertainment.  


Phase One of the product line consists of a children’s book focused on birth to 8 year olds that offers both original lullaby music, lyrics and original illustrations Production is 70% complete. Lara Lavi composed the music and for some songs worked with her co-writer Paul Richardson.   Victoria, BC based visual artist Karen Gilmore, hand drew the illustrations.  The recording project will invite celebrity guest musical moms such as Sheryl Crow, Alicia Keys, Melissa Etheridge and others to guest on the album.


Phase Two of the project is a 2D animated television series which Very Juicy Entertainment will produce in the tradition of such classic PBS gems as Clifford The Big Red Dog, The Muppets, Arthur and Curious George.  Phase Three of the project is a 2D animated feature film with much the same appeal as the films Happy Feet, Ice Age and Rise of the Guardians.


The Little Dreamers are multi ethnic characters designed for a full licensable merchandise line.  Dreaming In Color intends to develop learning tools working closely with several major university child development departments to create and monetize critical learning programs utilizing the Little Dreamer characters, music and original story lines.


Inspired by timeless children’s classics the goal is to assure The Little Dreamers project lives forever.


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