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Audio Mixing


We have all heard the phrase - "let's fix it in the mix."  True in some cases for sure but of course but we at Very Juicy Entertainment prefer to unitize perfect audio capture so that mixing is a breeze.  Audio Mixing is the last stage before mastering.  The Audio Mixing process combines the audio source traces in a suggested format for the mastering stage to create the master recordings.  The master recordings of course become versions of the songs, or other audio capture.  Audio Mixing of music, spoken word, and other audio content captures is achieved by adjusting the audio frequency with dynamics, equalization, harmonics, and panoramic placement. These tools help bring out the best of a song or other audio source content in an impactful way. In the end the final mix of a song  should be the artist's vision of what they want their fan base to hear.  Likewise for film, video, advertising and corporate clients we strive for the mix to be part of the tools to get the consumer, viewer and fan's full attention and convert them to sale.  A great Audio Mix can sell a product, brand an artist and move a viewer to pure emotion while watching a film, TV show and great Ad.  This is what the VJE production team lives for.


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