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The NEXT STEP MUSIC & Multi Media Performing Arts Projecr “NEXT”, is a 501 (c) (3) organization under the Allied Arts Foundation of Seattle.  The program is for advanced youth ages 15 through 21 who already have significant musical skills and want to take their musical lives to the "Next Step."  The program covers audio production, music video production, live performance, some music business elements and a whole lot of playing and recording.    


The Curriculum and Project Vision conceived in 2000, has evolved to include life skills and social development as important components as well as matching students industry professional in “mentoring” classes for music, film, and video production as well as music business and live performance production.


Most young people come from such credible programs as School of Rock and Seattle Drum School.  Many participants go on to careers in the music or overal entertainment business.  The NEXT STEP project is for young musicians willing to work hard, learn alot and grow as artists, composers, producers and musicians.




Next Step Project

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