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About Very Juicy Entertainment


Founded in 1995, Very Juicy is one of the most established artist development companies in the Northwest.  Starting with the company’s first artist, award winning singer songwriter Lara Lavi, Very Juicy is gone on to development the early stage careers of numerous artists including Northwest singer songwriter Brandi Carlise who went on to sign with Sony/Columbia the SongCatchers who signed with A&M/Horizon and many others.From music to video production to helping an artist make the challenging choices related to their image, sound, business approach and business systems, Very Juicy offers turn key services focused specially on independent musical artists. Very Juicy also handles sound design, editing and composition for film and television as well as music video and electronic press kits.Plus Very Juicy works on the cutting edge of multi media working with programs to guide artists to the most effective 

website, social media, online marketing, strategic relationships in radio, booking agency, legal and distribution.  Using the trans media approach, Very Juicy looks for ways to tell the artist story across many different media platforms to fully reach the artist’s core audience and potential fanbase.

With independent music making up 50% of the music industry in 2013, Very Juicy serves a very important niche of indie artists in the spirit of Seattle’s independent music scene.


About Us

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