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We Teach Guitar and Bass Lessons


Our approach to teaching new guitar/bass students involves assessing their ability and creating  programs tailored for them. This is the best way to keep student engaged and inspired to become good musicians. . The most important elements to being a good guitar/bass player are structure and practice. Students must create time in their daily scheduled  to work on their lesson plan. Students become good guitar player by putting in the work after each lesson.  For beginning guitar/bass players one of the main challenges is learning to transition from chord to chord fluently and musically. This takes finger strength, dexterity and control. 


Teaching music theory which include tablature, scales and chords are a must to become a accomplished musician. Our mission is to make sure our guitar/bass students are improving with every lesson.  We incourage the our students to embrace the creative process.  We incourage student to read,write and play by ear.

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