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Lara Lavi



It is impossible to avoid the obvious fact that Dreaming In Color’s fearless leader is left and right brained.  Given the investment in Lara’s Little Dreamers project, it only stands to reason to queue up the 40 plus new songs Lara has been writing over the last few years for her solo career as all those parents and grand parents are precisely Lara’s baby boomer demographic.


Lara has "in the can" as they say at least two album’s worth of original American singer songwriter songs she wrote either on her own or with several of her long time band mates.  Her band is now on its 24th year together.  Through the 1980s and 1990s Lara was a singer songwriter signed to first Columbia Records and later A&M Records both as a solo artist and in her multi cultural fusion Native American/Rock/Soul/Jazz group the SongCatchers which she founded with Charles Neville the saxophonist for the New Orleans based Neville Brothers and the other founders (see SongCatcher page). Lara was for years an artist in development and staff songwriter for Warner Chappell and is now published through Very Juicy Publishing. Ms. Lavi has toured the world with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Buddy Guy, Sheryl Crow, The Neville Brothers, The Band, Arrested Development, Bonnie Raitt, Carol King and many other popular artists.


Lara’s demographic is broad but especially touches the thirty and up market.   The AARP, which has over 37 million members, has  committed to helping promote Lara’s new album "Finish Line" when it comes out and keep going strong with her next album.  Her next album is already in production as well, entitled  "Last Honest Kiss."  Given the strong push with the Little Dreamers music and merchandise and the fact that Lara’s core demographic still buys actual hard copy music and does not pirate music – Lara’s solo work is assured commercial success.  Her story alone will inspire people of any age to follow their dreams as her story unfolds.


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