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The SongCatchers are an original Native American Grammy winning fusion musical group fusing traditional intertribal singing and drumming with rock, soul, jazz and spoken word.  Peter Gabriel has called the group’s sound “spine-tingling and took the SongCatchers on tour.  In 2003  the group was invited to perform a peace concert for the Dalai Lama in Bangalore, India but not all the band members could travel.  Now the SongCatchers plan to seek the support of Indian Tribes accross North America to produce a feature film following the SongCatchers' reuniting journey in true Rockumentary, "form  and a live DVD of the group’s performance and other elements of a spectacle multi media show.  All of this includes a new SongCatchers album with the goal of including top tier guest artists.


The project is called The Red Road To Bangalore, A Musical Prayer for Peace and even though it is early stage, already HBO has expressed a strong interest in an exclusive first broadcast.  The project will invite guest artists such as Sting, Ben Harper, members of the Neville Brothers, Lenny Kravitz, Common and many others.  The live DVD will include a multi media backdrop, symphony orchestra, live painters and dancers and of course the SongCatchers.  


There are five founding members of the SongCatchers, Lara Lavi, Mark Cardenas (Pima), Maurice Jones Jr, Arlie Neskahi (Navajo) and Charles Neville, the sax man extra ordinaire for the New Orleans based Neville Brothers.  The SongCatchers are produced and published exclusively by Very Juicy Publishing.


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